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True Ownership for Metaverse Web  3.0 Ecosystem
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True Ownership for Metaverse Web  3.0 Ecosystem

Developing a Web 3.0 ecosystem involves high quality experiences top level design purpose driven storytelling and financial incentives all supported by a sustainable trading and leasing infrastructure.

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Our vision




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The ecosystem is crafted for sustainable growth rather than rapid expansion, making it more accessible for newcomers to join.

The Manorland ecosystem encompasses features such as NFTs, avatars, land, and construction materials, offering property ownership and many other functionalities.

In the MNO ecosystem, users can produce and upgrade construction materials such as cranes, bulldozers, trucks, and equipment using raw materials on lands, and then trade them in the marketplace.

The ecosystem developed by MNO users and talented artists on Unreal Engine 5 encompasses the Power mode, Land Strategy, MNO Royale, and an open world with shared assets.

MNO Ecosystem

All collections in Manorland are within the MNO ecosystem and work in harmony with each other. Users can generate income within the ecosystem and rule in the MNO Federation, or simply earn active and passive income by holding Manor assets.
In-game Token
MNO serves as the governance currency of the ecosystem. It can be used for voting and minting new collections within the system, as well as for purchasing various items such as avatars, machinery, land, buildings, apartments, and market items.
Avatars weapons
For users holding MNO tokens in the MNO ecosystem, having uniquely designed NFT avatars presents an excellent opportunity to participate in the system.
In-game Items lands
Using construction machinery or equipment on your land, it's possible to construct, produce, and enhance tangible assets such as buildings, equipment, and service infrastructures. These assets can also be rented, bought, and sold by users in the market.
MNO City avatars
Lands form the cornerstone of the ecosystem's supply chain. Investors can engage in buying and selling properties between active use by passively collecting raw materials through apartments and buildings, and placing and utilizing the buildings.


      • Manorland has commenced its operations, and to announce its presence in the industry,

      the first promotional website has been meticulously prepared and launched.
      • Manorland has been introduced to the world, with advertising banners and social media accounts established.

      • Stories, articles, and promotions about MNO have been created and shared.
      • The privacy policy, official agreements, and documents of Manorland have been prepared and published.

      • Whitepaper v1, which extensively discusses MNO, has been released.
      • Manorland's MNO acquisition and trading platform has been prepared and launched.

      • Promotional and advertising videos, along with numerous visual advertisements, have been prepared and released.
      • Whitepaper v2 has been prepared, incorporating many new features and integrated into our roadmap.

      • Additionally, numerous NFT characters have been developed and added to the release, including Avatar, Inventories, and MNO City.

      • Furthermore, the beta version of the trading platform has been prepared and launched.
      • The MNO token sales have commenced, marking a significant milestone in Manorland's journey.

      • The pricing for the first round has been meticulously determined, and the tokens, along with the smart contracts, have been diligently prepared and released.

      • With the initiation of the first round of MNO sales, Manorland takes a substantial step forward in realizing its vision.
      • Manorland reached 5,000 investors, and the price for MNO's second round was increased.

      • Additionally, new Manorland NFT characters, lands, machinery, villas, and apartments were released and showcased.

      • With these developments, Manorland continues to progress steadily, focusing on its growing investor base and expanding product range.

      • MNO Staking has commenced and been launched.
      • The 3rd round of MNO Token has commenced, witnessing an increase in MNO price.

      • Sales have initiated, and MNO Binance Smart Chain (BSC) smart contract tokens have been successfully transferred to users' wallets.

      • Furthermore, trading for NFTs, Lands, Offices, Apartments, Villas, and Construction Machines has begun, and MNO has been listed on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and international platforms, facilitating trading activities.

      • With these developments, users can now easily acquire MNO tokens and engage in trading.


  • 1 6,67% Players & Ecosystem
  • 2 13,33% Private Sale 1st round
  • 3 13,33% Private Sale 2nd round
  • 6 13,33% Private Sale 3nd round
  • 4 6,34% Airdrop
  • 5 5% Liquidity
  • 7 20% Team
  • 8 22% Staking

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